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Looking for B2B copy that grabs attention & gets results?


You’ve come to the right site!

Hi, I’m Chris Ward, founder & chief copywriter
at B2B Copywriting Services

For more than 25 years, I’ve been writing copy that strengthens relationships, builds brands, and gets results.

Having been a corporate executive, founder of four businesses, and professional copywriter, I know there's no substitute for effective copy.

Of course, other things like design, targeting, frequency, and spend are important too.

Yet none and no combination of these will get the results you're after if your copy fails to deliver your message clearly, concisely, and powerfully.

Are your marketing communications suffering from any of these?

  • Inconsistent messaging across different communications pieces.

  • Not demonstrating a real understanding of the buyers' most pressing problem.

  • Not providing a compelling reason for trying, buying, joining, etc.

  • Not connecting with buyers on an emotional level.

  • Exaggerated and unsupportable claims resulting in a crisis of buyer confidence.

  • Obscuring the message with jargon or technical language.

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Issues like these can severely undermine the effectiveness of your marketing communications and make it much harder to convert prospects & doubters into buyers & believers.
Fortunately, there is a solution! Check out my approach to copywriting.
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From customer research and the workshop to confirm our value proposition and brand personality, to the creation of our new website, we were extremely impressed with your professionalism and ability to deliver as promised. Your copywriting skills are second to none. Our new website was informative, engaging, persuasive, and interesting. Best of all, it accomplished our goals of positioning DTA as a trusted provider of freight audit and related services and uncovering new business opportunities. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to any business looking for a great copywriter and someone who can add value at each stage of a project."


Melissa Gracey, President, DTA Services Ltd.


Did you know that very few B2B buyers really need what you're selling!

That's not because your products or services aren't fantastic. It's simply because buyers have choices and a hard time differentiating one supplier or offering from another.


In the absence of compelling messaging, one product or service can seem very much like another. It's not easy being a seller (or a buyer) these days!

When I work with you, my job is to...
  • grab your buyers' / stakeholders' attention with quality messaging that stands out,

  • position your products or services as being uniquely qualified to solve a problem or satisfy a need, and

  • persuade buyers to make a call, fill out and return a form, book an appointment, make a purchase... whatever you're after.

In other words, to provide copy that will make a difference to the success of your communications efforts... and your business.