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Want some free feedback on your newsletter or sales brochure?

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I'll take a look at one of these and give you some straightforward feedback.

If it's great I'll say so.

If I can see something that could make it even better, I'll let you know.

Interested? Send me an email with "We want feedback!" in the subject line. Provide a sample (a couple of samples if it's a newsletter) and confirm that your business has:

  1. a B2B orientation,

  2. annual revenues of at least $1 million, and

  3. leaders open to constructive feedback.

Oh ya, one more thing. Just let me know that you're not a copywriter looking for some instant gratification!


I'll get back to you for a little more information and more samples if I need them.

Any strings attached?

Nope. Absolutely not.


This is just my way of introducing you to the thinking that goes into every writing project.